After the Rain

It had been raining since yesterday morning, and today the clouds parted just as I arrived home.  The sun peeped out long enough for me to sneak in a few photos of the raindrops around the yard.  And then we ran inside before it started again.  I’m wishing for sun and warmth to get here, but I can’t help loving the little things that rain brings like galoshes, bright colored umbrellas, soft ground to start a garden, and indoor DIY projects.  I have a few DIYs to post soon, thanks to the rain! {A}

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  1. Great photos…rain would be very welcomed here.

    • Thank you Karen, we love when the rain and the green that comes with it! Where are you from?

  2. I’m from New England…southern New Hampshire. My husband and I live in a 1730’s house with a 300 tree apple orchard. We should be getting much need rain starting this weekend.

    • That’s fantastic, we hope you get rain for those apples then. We’ll have to spend more time checking out your blog, it looks beautiful!


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