Simple Hairstyle

Create a simple ponytail with body, on the go!  First pin back the top half of your hair, and pull the bottom half into a pony.  Pull the top half into a pony close to the bottom one, letting the top half fall over.  And you’re ready to go!  Another note, I’m in love with this nail color right now: Sinful Colors Proffessional ‘Timbleberry’, it’s a great coral color that paints on smooth.  I have a few of their colors and picked them all up at Rite Aid®.

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  1. Thats is such a neat tutorial.
    Did you make it?
    Would you mind visiting my blog perhaps?
    xx – Karen.

    • Thanks Karen, yes I made the tutorial. I visited your blog just now and it’s really fun, thank you for sharing! – Audrey
      Miyo blogposts are by Audrey and Jen.


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