Millcreek Pipeline Trail

The Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon is far from a secret. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Just a short 15 to 20-minute drive from downtown (isn’t that the absolute BEST part about SLC??), the trail is winding and mostly flat with a few rolling hills– perfect for when you want to get in a long run without tormenting your body with a herniating climb or knee-grinding descent. Hikers, bikers, and runners will find exposed, rusted pipes at the trail’s meandering corners. Shaded by tree canopies and the rock face itself, it’s also the perfect place to escape the dry valley heat.

During my collegiate days, I spent many a morning plowing through the terrain, more focused on my lactic acid levels and my stopwatch than the surroundings. While I still enjoy a good heart-pounding morning run, I didn’t feel too guilty about stopping to snap a few photos on my Sunday run a few weeks ago:



Salt Lake is surrounded by fantastic trails for runners, bikers, and hikers alike. Which is your favorite? {J}

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