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Salt City Winter Style

It’s FINALLY cold here in SLC.  I’ve not complained about the balmy temperatures, but there was something disconcerting about 50-degree December Days in our four-season city.

With the prolonged fall, I haven’t put much time or thought into my winter wardrobe. In years past, I’ve braved the cold and gone without a quality winter coat, boots, gloves, hats..  we Salt Lake City girls are a tough bunch. But now that the snow is here, I decided to be comfortable this winter — with it’s late start, I’m guessing it’s gonna be a long one.

Salt City Winter

First, I invested in a pair of snow boots. I wanted a pair that was both functional and stylish — an elusive combination. Luckily,  I found a black quilted nylon and brown suede pair from Timberland (just $50 at Marshalls!) These puppies are WARM and the brown-black color combo makes them very versatile — I’ve already worn them to the pilates studio, on a snowy winter walk and to a casual Friday at work. This Lululemon scarf, which can be worn as a cowl, hood, or wrap-around, is also my new best friend.

Also picked up this parka from Warehouse after seeing it in this post from Le Catch (my go-to blog for some outfit inspiration).  I’ve been looking for an army green parka with leather sleeves for a while — the layers and hood make this one perfect.

And what’s winter without a few cozy sweaters? I noticed my closet was severely lacking in all things warm, so I invested in these two ski sweaters — this mohair one from Mango and an Aztec-inspired one like the one pictured above from local boutique Koo De Ker.  I plan to wear both with some black ankle boots and some faux leather skinnies (I picked up these from H&M a while back)

So, I splurged a bit on winter clothes this year — a girl has gotta stay warm, right? How do you stay warm and stylish in cold weather? [J]

Moving on Up

Moving blows. At least to me. But I doubt I’m alone.

It’s especially bad in 100-plus degree, dry, hot Utah weather. But sometimes it just has to be done and last weekend I was put to the task.

Fresh starts, however, are fantastic. So, after my back and my attitude recovered, I started the adventure of turning this shell of an apartment into a home:


I sold a LOT of my furniture (felt great), which also gave me just enough funds to purchase a custom kitchen table from Etsy seller Jlibby of Birdloft, who makes and sells a beautiful collection of furniture handmade from reclaimed wood and custom hairpin legs–  just the modern meets nature meets industrial look I was looking for. My table arrives this week and will act as a room divider/kitchen island/dining set, which will be paired with some steel Tabouret bar stools:

4ft Island Barn Whale Bench with hairpin legs - reclaimed elemental modern - old growth - vintage - industrial 

I cannot wait to see this all come together. Until then, here’s to new beginnings!

Lorna Jane ‘Warm It Up’ Workout Wear Challenge

I’ve always been somewhat of a fitness fanatic. I ran competitively for years and still can’t enter a 5k without sizing up my competition. But lately, I’ve put the running shoes on the backburner (although I ran an awesome relay race in the red rocks of Moab, Utah last weekend — more on that later). 

Instead, I’ve been really into (read: mildly obsessed) with a new type of workout called XtendBarre. A new studio opened in Salt Lake City last May and, since then, I’ve attended over 150 classes. Not only have I never felt more strong, but this class is FUN!  SUPER CHALLENGING, but always fun!  The workout is what I like to call ‘ballet-inspired pilates’ — it focuses on tiny accessory muscles to give you that long, lean dancer look — or at least as close to it as genetics will allow. 🙂 

Of course, it can always be tough to stay motivated. That’s why I was thrilled to hear that XtendBarre was offering a challenge in the month of May. Those that complete 5 classes each week during the month of March will receive an entire workout oufit — crops, tank and sports bra — from Lorna Jane — FREE! It’s always nice to have some extra incentive, especially in the form of cute clothes! 

I’m more than halfway there — just 9 classes to go. Have any of you checked out a barre method class? What’s your favorite way to work out? — [J]


Red Rock Ruminations

A quick trip to Goblin Valley got me thinking about all things red rock over the past few weeks. As a Utah native, red rock country is nothing new to me. But, for the first time, I appreciated all of the combinations of red that combine to a rich hue of rust — I feel lucky to live near such inspired scenery. Feeling fully inspired, I created a montage of the rich hue of rust incorporated into every landscape.  Enjoy! — {J}


Industrial Chic

I’ve lived in a cool vintage condo in SLC for three years now, making some minor improvements to make it feel like home (most notably changing the burnt orange paint in the living room to lovely shades of pale yellow and slate grey.) As a renter, however, I’ve never been able to convince myself to do much more than that.

That’s about to change. I just decided to buy my place and now the decorative wheels are turning. I love the look I like to call ‘Industrial Chic’.  It feels homey, but cool. Authentic and real.

The first step will be a few faux brick wall facades.


Some jar lights.

Rustic stainless steel storage.


Sleek seating

Coffee sack textiles

And, of course, a typewriter.

Can’t wait to use my new home as my own personal design project. What are some of your favorite home decor motifs?

My Perfect Summer Style

My Perfect Summer Style

I love what Garnet Hill has selected for summer!