Angora Sweater

I’ve had this Angora sweater just sitting in my closet that I had picked up at a thrift store a few years ago.  Every time I clean my closet, you know  “out with the old – in with the new”, I can never seem to part with it.  I’ve only worn it once (just after purchasing it), but I didn’t feel like the style of the sweater fit me quite right.  It’s SOOOO soft, I thought maybe I’d chop it up and make a hat and scarf out of it . . . but I couldn’t bear to.

Then I saw this photo of a Free People Angora Sweater for sale and knew what I needed to do!

I needed to find another sweater and merge the two.  The night before New Year’s Eve I went Thrift Town and found an ugly $2 turtleneck sweater with just the right coloring! I cut off 3 inches of each sleeve and the bottom 3 inches of the torso.  I then cut the peplum off (which I still think is adorable and somewhat sad to see it go!) my Angora Sweater and sewed the turtleneck sleeves and torso pieces directly on.  In less than 2 hours total, I had a whole new sweater!  I wish I had taken photos of the process (very sorry) but I was in such a hurry to get my idea finished!

Free People Angora Cropped Sweater

Free People Angora Cropped Sweater

$3 Thrift Store Find -  Angora Sweater

$3 Thrift Store Find – Angora Sweater

$2 Thrift Store Sweater

$2 Thrift Store Sweater

My Finished Sweater – What do you think?

My version, all finished!

My upcycled Angora sweater, all finished!


I then wore it on New Year’s Eve!  We were having a little too much fun taking photos of our window reflection – the city lights made great bokeh!

MIYO New Year's Eve

MIYO New Year’s Eve

Salt City Winter Style

It’s FINALLY cold here in SLC.  I’ve not complained about the balmy temperatures, but there was something disconcerting about 50-degree December Days in our four-season city.

With the prolonged fall, I haven’t put much time or thought into my winter wardrobe. In years past, I’ve braved the cold and gone without a quality winter coat, boots, gloves, hats..  we Salt Lake City girls are a tough bunch. But now that the snow is here, I decided to be comfortable this winter — with it’s late start, I’m guessing it’s gonna be a long one.

Salt City Winter

First, I invested in a pair of snow boots. I wanted a pair that was both functional and stylish — an elusive combination. Luckily,  I found a black quilted nylon and brown suede pair from Timberland (just $50 at Marshalls!) These puppies are WARM and the brown-black color combo makes them very versatile — I’ve already worn them to the pilates studio, on a snowy winter walk and to a casual Friday at work. This Lululemon scarf, which can be worn as a cowl, hood, or wrap-around, is also my new best friend.

Also picked up this parka from Warehouse after seeing it in this post from Le Catch (my go-to blog for some outfit inspiration).  I’ve been looking for an army green parka with leather sleeves for a while — the layers and hood make this one perfect.

And what’s winter without a few cozy sweaters? I noticed my closet was severely lacking in all things warm, so I invested in these two ski sweaters — this mohair one from Mango and an Aztec-inspired one like the one pictured above from local boutique Koo De Ker.  I plan to wear both with some black ankle boots and some faux leather skinnies (I picked up these from H&M a while back)

So, I splurged a bit on winter clothes this year — a girl has gotta stay warm, right? How do you stay warm and stylish in cold weather? [J]

Salt Lake City in November

Salt Lake City always has something fantastic going on and we hope to see you around town!  Here’s some awesome happenings:

  • Just in case you had no idea – Nov. 6th is Election Day, please vote!
  • The BOB Project by Brolly Arts until the 30th.  Located at the I-15 underpass on 300 North and 700 west, between the Jackson and Guadaloupe neighborhoods of Salt Lake City.
  • Science Movie Night: Never Cry Wolf,  based on the book by Farley Mowat.  Free Admission at the City Library on the 13th from 7-9pm

    Never Cry Wolf

  • Always a band to fit your own tune… such as Minus the Bear on the 6th, and The Devil Makes Three on the 17th at The Depot , FYI – there is always a great line-up at The State Room like Ben Sollee on the 15th and Sean Hayes (SO excited about this!) on the 16th.

    Sean Hayes - Fri Nov 16

    Sean Hayes @ The State Room – Fri Nov 16

  • Wicked-er is playing at the Desert Star Playhouse thru the 10th, then from Nov. 15th thru Jan. 5th it’s My Big Fat Utah Christmas.  This playhouse always does a great job!  Speaking of plays – The Pioneer Theatre Company is putting on A Christmas Carol starting the 30th.
  • We’re still waiting on an opening date from Trader Joe’s . . . hurry please!  They have the best Pearl Couscous mix and Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel bars mmmmm….yum.
  • Life In Color: Salt Lake City, UT – 2012 E.N.D Tour on Sat, November 10th at 8:00 pm in the Great Saltair

There’s something for everyone, so we hope you’ll be out and about in this fantastic November weather while it lasts!

Faux Ceramic Jewelry Tutorial

Polymer Clay Website has a great tutorial on making polymer clay jewelry pieces!  It’s going to be a busy Saturday, so if anyone gets to try this out, please email us some photos and let us know how it turned out, it looks like so much fun!

Gold and Black

The Inspiration:

Maxi Dress with Jacket

Beyond Vintage long knit dress
$249 –

Irregular Choice knit jacket
$40 –

Luichiny black sandals
$45 –

Long earrings
$29 –


Our Version: $40
Jersey Maxi Dress:
Mustard Seed (purchased at Chic Belle for $25)
Black Jacket: Thrifted, a few years ago
Strappy Jeweled Shoes: New York Transit (purchased at Ross for $15)
Earrings and bracelets: have had them forever…

Simple Hairstyle

Create a simple ponytail with body, on the go!  First pin back the top half of your hair, and pull the bottom half into a pony.  Pull the top half into a pony close to the bottom one, letting the top half fall over.  And you’re ready to go!  Another note, I’m in love with this nail color right now: Sinful Colors Proffessional ‘Timbleberry’, it’s a great coral color that paints on smooth.  I have a few of their colors and picked them all up at Rite Aid®.


“I just feel like there’s no room to be mediocre, and it’s not because I have some kind of disorder, it’s simply because I enjoy immensely being great.” – Yokoo

I am drawn to the work that YOKOO does, and the photographs that display her work.  It is art from start to finish.  She runs her knitwear business from home, very much like a lot of Etsy shop owners.  Working day in and day out creating.  At first glance, I thought her shop held beautiful paintings, not photographs displaying her handiwork.  Scroll down to see Pascal Perich’s video on Yokoo, and stop by her online shop: YOKOO

Sophocles by Yokoo

Le Fleur Collar by Yokoo

Euthenia by Yokoo

Q Clothing Boutique Event

On Thursday night, we met my lovely friend and co-worker, Rebecca (the stylish lady behind rebecca hearts) at Q Clothing on Broadway in downtown SLC. 

We met up right after work and stopped for a quick drink at the Tavernacle before popping next door — by 6pm, the line was already out the door. You can’t tell me SLC doesn’t care about style. 🙂  We headed straight back to the sample sale for a quick look of at the new clothing from Kling, a brand of lovely, lady-like clothes from Spain. The colors and styles were beautiful and the dressing rooms were packed. To escape from the crowd for a minute, we snuck to the back and enjoyed a glass of fruity sangria and a few appetizers — the presentation was as stylish as the store itself!

The next two hours were a blurry of fashion, food and friends.. does it get any better? Here’s how it went…

I was SO CLOSE to buying that beautiful colorblocked strapless dress I’m modeling above. Instead, I left with a cute antique gold bicycle necklace that hasn’t left my neck since that evening. Thanks to Q Boutique for hosting such a fun, fashionable event! {J}


And I left with the perfect summer dress by YA LOS ANGELES, and love that I went home with something that I can’t find online, truly boutique style.  The dress is a taupe chiffon with cream lines and dainty giraffes printed all over.  Thanks Q Clothing! {A}


Spring into Style

I’ve been working on a major closet overhaul — you know, the kind where you REALLY go through everything. So far, I’ve got two huge garbage bags full of old clothes to take to the D.I (Utah’s local version of Goodwill) — I’m talking JNCO flares, rainbow studded belts and shirts that barely cover the ladies (did I seriously ever wear this stuff?)  It’s been a fun trip down memory lane, but I’m eager to pare things down in many aspects of my life — the closet is just step one.

It’s felt really good. But, my closet also feels really bare (in a good way).  My new goal: buy just a few unique additions each season to build around the staples. Here’s what I’m swooning over today:

I’m loving the rose-printed jeans, although I feel like they’ll end up in a similar D.I. pile in a few years.  The moss green tee acts as the perfect classic balance.  Also, I think this is the year of the romper for me — I’ve always been hesistant, but why?!? With the right structure, it’s just like a dress with shorts! What could be better than that?  This number has both — pintucking and voluminous shorts in navy blue.

What are your favorite spring fashion trends?

Saturday in Salt Lake

Salt Lake City’s City Creek just opened this week and downtown has a become much more appealing to locals.   People are out and about.  So what would a Saturday Night in Salt Lake City look like?  Well, here’s what you could have done last night: Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, dreamed big in Restoration Hardware in City Creek, take the kids and spouse to Beauty and the Beast at Capitol Theater and meet one of the cast.  Or Dinner at Eva, Shopping at City Creek Center, dance to Tuxedo Tramps and Three Bad Jacks playing at Beck Street Garage, and maybe even meet a local artist like Adam Bateman.  Sounds pretty good to me and I only gave two scenarios.  Salt Lake is becoming a hot spot for fashion, art, food, music and night life.  So whatever you know of Salt Lake City, I’m happy to say, there’s more…  {A}