Q Clothing Boutique Event

On Thursday night, we met my lovely friend and co-worker, Rebecca (the stylish lady behind rebecca hearts) at Q Clothing on Broadway in downtown SLC. 

We met up right after work and stopped for a quick drink at the Tavernacle before popping next door — by 6pm, the line was already out the door. You can’t tell me SLC doesn’t care about style. 🙂  We headed straight back to the sample sale for a quick look of at the new clothing from Kling, a brand of lovely, lady-like clothes from Spain. The colors and styles were beautiful and the dressing rooms were packed. To escape from the crowd for a minute, we snuck to the back and enjoyed a glass of fruity sangria and a few appetizers — the presentation was as stylish as the store itself!

The next two hours were a blurry of fashion, food and friends.. does it get any better? Here’s how it went…

I was SO CLOSE to buying that beautiful colorblocked strapless dress I’m modeling above. Instead, I left with a cute antique gold bicycle necklace that hasn’t left my neck since that evening. Thanks to Q Boutique for hosting such a fun, fashionable event! {J}


And I left with the perfect summer dress by YA LOS ANGELES, and love that I went home with something that I can’t find online, truly boutique style.  The dress is a taupe chiffon with cream lines and dainty giraffes printed all over.  Thanks Q Clothing! {A}


Spring is Near…