Salt Lake City in November

Salt Lake City always has something fantastic going on and we hope to see you around town!  Here’s some awesome happenings:

  • Just in case you had no idea – Nov. 6th is Election Day, please vote!
  • The BOB Project by Brolly Arts until the 30th.  Located at the I-15 underpass on 300 North and 700 west, between the Jackson and Guadaloupe neighborhoods of Salt Lake City.
  • Science Movie Night: Never Cry Wolf,  based on the book by Farley Mowat.  Free Admission at the City Library on the 13th from 7-9pm

    Never Cry Wolf

  • Always a band to fit your own tune… such as Minus the Bear on the 6th, and The Devil Makes Three on the 17th at The Depot , FYI – there is always a great line-up at The State Room like Ben Sollee on the 15th and Sean Hayes (SO excited about this!) on the 16th.

    Sean Hayes - Fri Nov 16

    Sean Hayes @ The State Room – Fri Nov 16

  • Wicked-er is playing at the Desert Star Playhouse thru the 10th, then from Nov. 15th thru Jan. 5th it’s My Big Fat Utah Christmas.  This playhouse always does a great job!  Speaking of plays – The Pioneer Theatre Company is putting on A Christmas Carol starting the 30th.
  • We’re still waiting on an opening date from Trader Joe’s . . . hurry please!  They have the best Pearl Couscous mix and Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel bars mmmmm….yum.
  • Life In Color: Salt Lake City, UT – 2012 E.N.D Tour on Sat, November 10th at 8:00 pm in the Great Saltair

There’s something for everyone, so we hope you’ll be out and about in this fantastic November weather while it lasts!

Happy at Home

Do you have a virtual place you go when you need a pick-me-up? A dose of inspiration on a Tuesday? An online space to escape for a few moments?

For me, that place is It’s certainly the first place I head when I’m fed up with my living arrangements, which happens more often than not for this ‘grass-is-always-greener’ girl (it’s a character flaw, I realize. I’m working on it.)

Though I think , as a whole, they’ve lost sight of a cohesive vision as the site has grown, I’m never disappointed in my discoveries. Whether I take a single small idea from one of their house tours, gain inspiration for a complete overhaul, or find a new swoon-worthy space to dream about, I always manage to find something worthwhile.

Today, I ran across this piece: ’10 Simple Things to Make You Happier at Home’. It’s just what I needed to read as I start to make memories at my new home — and work toward some other great changes in life.  I’m particulary into the idea of spending money on things to cultivate your experience at home. Many of my most meaningful memories are tied closely to domestic surroundings and SPACE.  The look of my  grandfather’s iconic mid-century style, the smell of my mother’s cooking, the sense-fest of rich red wine, cigar smoke, ethereal lights and folksy music at a family-owned tasting room wedding — these are the things that make life.  🙂 

Enjoy! [J]

Moving on Up

Moving blows. At least to me. But I doubt I’m alone.

It’s especially bad in 100-plus degree, dry, hot Utah weather. But sometimes it just has to be done and last weekend I was put to the task.

Fresh starts, however, are fantastic. So, after my back and my attitude recovered, I started the adventure of turning this shell of an apartment into a home:


I sold a LOT of my furniture (felt great), which also gave me just enough funds to purchase a custom kitchen table from Etsy seller Jlibby of Birdloft, who makes and sells a beautiful collection of furniture handmade from reclaimed wood and custom hairpin legs–  just the modern meets nature meets industrial look I was looking for. My table arrives this week and will act as a room divider/kitchen island/dining set, which will be paired with some steel Tabouret bar stools:

4ft Island Barn Whale Bench with hairpin legs - reclaimed elemental modern - old growth - vintage - industrial 

I cannot wait to see this all come together. Until then, here’s to new beginnings!

Industrial Chic

I’ve lived in a cool vintage condo in SLC for three years now, making some minor improvements to make it feel like home (most notably changing the burnt orange paint in the living room to lovely shades of pale yellow and slate grey.) As a renter, however, I’ve never been able to convince myself to do much more than that.

That’s about to change. I just decided to buy my place and now the decorative wheels are turning. I love the look I like to call ‘Industrial Chic’.  It feels homey, but cool. Authentic and real.

The first step will be a few faux brick wall facades.


Some jar lights.

Rustic stainless steel storage.


Sleek seating

Coffee sack textiles

And, of course, a typewriter.

Can’t wait to use my new home as my own personal design project. What are some of your favorite home decor motifs?

Thrift Store Owl

Thrift Store Owl

I found this owl in a local thrift store earlier this year, one of my favorite finds.